Recovery And Remediation

Emergency Spill Response

Petroleum Management, Inc. can respond to emergency spills, releases of petroleum products, and other Hazardous and Non-Hazardous liquids.  Once spills are contained and recovered, liquids and contaminated materials can be identified by our testing facility, where the extent of the contamination can be determined.

Site Restoration

Once the limits of contamination are determined, the removal process begins. Areas disturbed due to contamination are reclaimed and restored to original contours using “clean” material.  In extreme cases, monitoring wells are strategically located and installed as a means of determining the deeper reaches of contamination and its movement beneath the surface. Our goal is to recover the maximum amounts of contamination with minimal disturbance to existing surfaces and structures.

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What Our Customers Say:

Gerald Karn
Maintnance & Facilities Manager
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"Petroleum Management did an excellent job in assessing and responding to my emergency and I would highly recommend your service to anyone"
Betty Nelson
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I want to extend my "Thank You" to the Petroleum Management Team. During the time of my unpredictable incident at my home the team was awesome to work with from Start to Completion.